API Overview

The ZenPrint Web to Print API (ZenAPI) allows partners who are able to build print-ready PDF files to post those orders to our print manufacturing & fulfillment system.

There are 3 steps to placing an order using our API

  1. Request an API Key - you do that by contacting us.
  2. Create your files to match our specs and store them on Amazon S3 or a similar web accessible URL.
  3. Place your order using our API.

There are 3 basic functions currently cover by this API

  • Place an Order
  • Check Order Status
  • Cancel an Order

API Endpoints

Test URL: http://orderapi.zenprint.com/orderapisand/?WSDL
Live URL: http://orderapi.zenprint.com/orderapi/?WSDL
Application: ZenPrintApp [Run Tests, View Tests]
Framework: CFWheels 1.4.4
Active Environment: Development
Host Name: utpspro2
CFML Engine: Adobe ColdFusion 9,0,1,274733
Default Data Source: Zenprint
Database Adapter: SQLServer
URL Rewriting: On
URL Obfuscation: Off
Plugins: None
Controller: Main
Action: ApiOverview
Parameters: None
Execution Time: 31ms (view ~31ms, action ~31ms)
Help Links: Documentation, Mailing List, Issue Tracker