Creating Files

Creatingfiles Creating a press ready file is probably easier than you think. Most common design programs have an option to export a high quality or resolution print.

When exporting you'll want to export for Acrobat 4 to ensure your file is properly flattened.

Here's some things to remember

  • A flattened (no layers) PDF file works best. Also remember to outline all your fonts.
  • Export your file and remember to include bleed. If in doubt, bleed is typically 1/8" on all 4 sides of the document. Contact us if you're unsure.
  • Don't include any printer's markings (crop, bleed, registration, color bars, page info, etc.). We will add those on our side as necessary.
  • Some products require multiple files (like a cover and book block for a photo book). Contact us and we can send you the specs for each product you'd like to publish.
  • Always double, then triple check for typos and errors. Once the order has been printed, it can't be cancelled.

If you need any help creating a press ready file or want to test your files, please contact us.