Check Order Status Function

The function to lookup an order status is CheckOrderStatus.


creds (type: array)
Credentials must be passed in the order data to authenticate (see authentication for more details)
  • Credentials.partnerCode (type: string)
    Your unique partner key as assigned by ZenPrint
  • Credentials.apiKey (type: string)
    Your unique API key as assigned by ZenPrint
partnerOrderId (type: int)
Your order number


LineItem.currentState (type: array)
The current status of the line item. Can include:
  • PENDING - The order is received and waiting to be printed
  • PRINTING - The order is being printed & manufactured
  • BINNING - This item has been completed as is awaiting other line items before shipping
  • PACK SLIP CREATED - The order is complete and awaiting packaging to be shipped
  • PACKAGED - The order has been packaged and is awaiting final shipping
  • SHIPPED - The order has been shipped
  • HOLD - The order is on hold due to an issue
  • CANCELLED - The order has been cancelled
If the line item has shipped the following will also be returned:
ShippingData.trackingNumber (type: string)
The tracking number of the order

ShippingData.dateShipped (type: date)
The date the order was shipped

ShippingData.actualShipmethod (type: string)
The shipping method of the order

ShippingData.actualCarrier (type: string)
The name of the carrier that picked up the shipment
OrderData.errors.message (type: string)
Any errors in the submission will be returned here

Sample Code (PHP)

<?php * Check Order Status *
//showing all errors
ini_set('display_errors', '1');

$client = new soapclient('', array('cache_wsdl' => WSDL_CACHE_NONE));
$credentials = array("partnerCode"=>'REPLACE_WITH_PARTNER_CODE', "apiKey" =>'REPLACE_WITH_API_KEY');
$orderID = 12345; // replace with the order number you'd like to check

$orderStatus = $client->CheckOrderStatus(array(
        "creds" => $credentials,
        "partnerOrderId" => $orderID

if (is_array($orderStatus->orderLineItems->LineItem)){
	echo "Current Order Status: ".$orderStatus->orderLineItems->LineItem[0]->currentState;
	if ($orderStatus->orderLineItems->LineItem[0]->currentState == 'SHIPPED') {
		echo "<br>Date Shipped: ".$orderStatus->orderLineItems->LineItem[0]->shippingData->dateShipped;
		echo "<br>Carrier: ".$orderStatus->orderLineItems->LineItem[0]->shippingData->actualCarrier;
		echo "<br>Ship Method: ".$orderStatus->orderLineItems->LineItem[0]->shippingData->actualShipmethod;
		echo "<br>Tracking Info: ".$orderStatus->orderLineItems->LineItem[0]->shippingData->trackingNumber;
} else {
	echo "Current Order Status: ".$orderStatus->orderLineItems->LineItem->currentState;
	if ($orderStatus->orderLineItems->LineItem->currentState == 'SHIPPED') {
		echo "<br>Date Shipped: ".$orderStatus->orderLineItems->LineItem->shippingData->dateShipped;
		echo "<br>Carrier: ".$orderStatus->orderLineItems->LineItem->shippingData->actualCarrier;
		echo "<br>Ship Method: ".$orderStatus->orderLineItems->LineItem->shippingData->actualShipmethod;
		echo "<br>Tracking Info: ".$orderStatus->orderLineItems->LineItem->shippingData->trackingNumber;