Heads up! To authenticate against our API you'll need two things. Your partner code and your API Key.
Both can be requested by contacting us.

To Authenticate

To authenticate you'll need to create a "credentials" array that consists of your parnter code and API key.
Here's an example of how to do that in PHP

$credentials = array("partnerCode"=>"ACTUAL_PARTNER_CODE", "apiKey" =>"ACTUAL_API_KEY");

You'll need to pass that array on every call so you may want to save this array in a config file for your application or website.

Application: ZenPrintApp [Run Tests, View Tests]
Framework: CFWheels 1.4.4
Active Environment: Development
Host Name: utpspro2
CFML Engine: Adobe ColdFusion 9,0,1,274733
Default Data Source: Zenprint
Database Adapter: SQLServer
URL Rewriting: On
URL Obfuscation: Off
Plugins: None
Controller: Main
Action: ApiAuthentication
Parameters: None
Execution Time: 46ms (view ~31ms, action ~31ms, requeststart ~15ms)
Help Links: Documentation, Mailing List, Issue Tracker